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Smart Law employment attorneys help in the following aspects of labor and employment law including:

  • Labor Law - Smart Law represents unions and their bargaining unit members in all labor matters, including contract negotiations, demands to bargain, grievance arbitrations, and unfair labor practice disputes.

  • Employment Contracts - Review of general employment contracts and any associated breach of contract actions. Our attorneys will review and negotiate the initial employment contract, and any employer-drafted severance or settlement agreements upon layoff or termination.

  • Wage & Hour Law - Our employment attorneys fight employers for all unpaid wages, including minimum wage and overtime pay, bonuses, and commissions. We also represent employees who miss state-required meal and rest breaks, or who experience employer violations of state paid sick leave laws.

  • Employment Discrimination - Smart Law represents public sector employees who have EEOC claims against state, county, or municipal employers in the mediation and settlement process.


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